• What Is Newborn Heart Defect Screening?

  • How YOU can help spread the word about Newborn Heart Defect Screening Awareness Day

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  • Pregnant? Ask for heart screening for your baby!

November 30 is Newborn Heart Defect Screening Awareness Day.

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Each year, thousands of babies go home from the hospital with undetected congenital heart defects, take a moment to help.

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Take the Pledge!

Friday, 11 November 2012

Take the pledge and share with friends! Pledge to ask for pulse oximetry screening for your newborn, or to tell a friend to ask about […]

Wear Pink on the 30th!

Friday, 11 November 2012

┬áCorbin passed away in 2011 from an undetected heart defect. When Cora Mae McCormick was born and passed away in 2009, a new tradition was […]

Use Your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Blog

Friday, 11 November 2012

Social media is a fast, easy and an important way to help this mission. On and before November 30, use your social networks to spread […]